Once again, current events have demonstrated that people in the public eye need to think twice before getting too cozy on Twitter. This time, New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has been fined $25,000 for tweeting a very haphazard-looking NSFW booty shot of his “girlfriend” Tahiry. But there’s more to the story than just inappropriate photos coming from an athlete who should know better.

The backstory to the incident involves rapper Joe Budden, another over-active Twitter user who has “twit the bed” more than a few times — he started a rumor that Eddie Murphy died and aired all kind of drama surrounding an ex-girlfriend and abuse claims on the site, among other things. Budden is also the ex-boyfriend of Tahiry, who dated the rapper for five years. J.R. Smith has known Tahiry for a long time also, so a macho-ness contest ensued about manhood and women as property and the tweet including the fine-worthy photo was a result and catalyst for more bravado. The back-and-forth between the men is disturbing enough without realizing that Tahiry was laid up in Smith’s hotel room with no panties on and he thought that was a great photo opportunity.

Once the dust settled and Smith tweeted that perhaps he’d taken things too far, Tahiry tweeted that she was frustrated, but amused by the photo:

Well, I guess that’s one way to react.

There’s definitely the need to present one face in public and another in private, but do you believe she actually found humor in her naked buns being spread all over the internet while two dummies fight over who “hit that” and who didn’t? Tahiry is a “model” and video vixen, so maybe she’s less naked-booty-shot averse than the average woman. But shouldn’t someone you’re comfortable enough to be naked around have the good sense to keep that between the two of you whether a fine is at stake or not?

What do you think?

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  • overseas_honeybee

    [email protected] A mess all around.

  • mamareese

    They need to grow up….can’t stand the fact that folks make as much money as they do and act this way. Wish wealth equated for maturity……Yeah fine him and trade him too sucky ball playing self. Better yet do us all a favor and kill your twitter accounts too the world would not miss you.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    Tahiry “models” in thongs as a “profession”, so I hardly think she’s embarrassed about the pic being broadcasted on Twitter. It showed nothing the world hasn’t already seen. I think the bigger issue at hand is her choice in men: both Budden and Smith have attempted to publicly humiliate her. Not to mention that Budden has a strong history of this type of Twitter behavior. She really needs to wise up and choose a different type of man. But, then again… she may not know any better. (SN: I really wish we’d stop referring to women that make a living off of taking half-naked/scantily clad pictures “models”. IMO, referring to these women as such lowers the value of the true art of professional modelling. When I think of “models”, I do NOT think Tahiry, Draya Michele (sp), or the like. Beverly Johnson, Cynthia Bailey, and a host of other respectable women come to mind. But, that’s just me. Not knocking the beliefs of anyone else.)