Ok, ok, Royce Reed isn’t exactly a basketball wife but who’s keep tracking of that kind of thing anymore? Apparently, a Florida judge who the Basketball Wives star has accused of impropriety in presiding over her custody battle with the father of her child Dwight Howard. Reed claims that Judge Tim Shea has a particular problem with women who have children out of wedlock with NBA players and has filed a motion to have him removed from the case.

Dwight Howard, who plays for the Orlando Magic, claims that Reed has not been living up to her end of their visitation agreement and began proceedings last month to challenge her primary custody status. Reed claims that the judge said that he would grant Howard custody before any evidence had even been presented, but delayed his ruling. In response, Reed filed a motion asking that Judge Shea be removed, citing his bias against single mothers and his close political ties with Howard’s lawyer. She also believes that Dwight Howard’s local celebrity is preventing her from receiving a fair trail in Orlando, stating in the motion “I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son.”

Howard has been open about his distaste for his son’s exposure to the reality television life and has brought Reed to court in the past for violating their agreement to never show pictures or video of the child to the public — this is why Basketball Wives viewers have never seen or heard about either Dwight Howard or his child. But in spite of her past shady behavior, could this judge really have a ‘baby mama bias’?

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  • My perspective

    Seriously, I cannot stand what he is doing to Royce. He needs to familiarize himself with condom use. The guy has 3 kids which he acknowledges and 2 other possible children. Does any one not see an issue with that? Black men need to wrap it up and black women should say “no glove, no love.”

    Yes Royce made a mistake by having a child with him but clearly she has learned her lesson. Dwight on the other hand…

    • It’s very simple as I see it. Stop sleeping with these men and seeing them as prized athletes. They are as basic as they come!

    • CurlySue

      He’s such a hypocrite. He’s always espousing these Christian values like he’s a saint. I live in Orlando and I wish they would have traded his goofy ass.

  • Donald K Sumner

    Bullsh**! The courts have always favored and still favor WOMEN! Fact check please Reed STFU!

  • TJ

    The war on motherhood continues.

  • Ilovelamp

    I find it very telling how even when presented with actual info that shows just how irresponsible Howard is, people still find fault with Royce. This man has several children, two of which were born by completely different women within two months of each other, but somehow Royce is the problem? From my understanding, they were actually in a committed relationship when they conceived their son. I hate how just because Royce was not married when she got pregnant, all of the sudden that creates this ridiculous bias against her. Also, this man has way too much time on his hands. Has anyone seen all of the ridiculous lawsuits that he has filed against her for the last two years?