This Easter, black churches across the country will not only be preaching about Jesus’ resurrection, but they’ll also be harkening back to their roots and urging parishioners to get involved in the political process.

According to The Empowerment Movement, a coalition of churches led by Rev. Jamal Bryant, there are approximately 500,000 black churches in the nation and over 5 million unregistered voters, and they want to change that.

The Empowerment Movement published a press release describing their mission and asking every black church to do its part:

“With a goal to register one million voters on one day, Easter, April 8, 2012, making Guinness World Book history for democracy, by challenging every black church in the United States to register 20 people on that day.”

With many states attempting to disenfranchise the minority vote by instituting stricter voter ID laws, this initiative is not only timely, but important.

But will it work?

What do you think? 


*If you need to register to vote do so online here.

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  • Natalie


  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Ohh, I think i would like to get involved, sounds interesting! THANKS!

  • That is a wonderful idea.

  • Dalili

    They just may pull it off, I hope they do!

  • Buttons

    Easter is a very popular holiday for church goers, so they might get 10 million registered. It’s a very creative idea.