After CeeLo’s mega-hit ‘F–k You’ blew up radio stations and award shows last year, it seems like mainstream America finally knows who this former Goodie Mob member is. Since donning his outlandish, rainbow-colored outfits and rocking shows coast-to-coast, Green has landed major gigs like hosting NBC’s hit show the Voice. Now CeeLo is adding another title to his name: Author.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CeeLo has just inked a deal with Grand Central Publishing to write a memoir. Beth de Guzman, Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief of Paperbacks at Grand Central Publishing says CeeLo’s outrageous personality made it impossible for them to turn down the project.

“He dresses in sequined capes, performs with the Muppets and Madonna, and does 360° flips with a grand piano at his fingertips.  Imagine all that outrageously unique and creative talent channeled into a book,” de Guzman said.

CeeLo is excited about working on the book. He issued a statement saying, “FORGET YOU? After reading my book, there will be no doubt that I am meant to be. You will enter into the supernatural, the surreal, and extraordinary. As CeeLo Green, a.k.a. ‘everybody’s brother,’ I will make you a believer.  I talk about art imitating life; YOU discover CRAZY.”

The book will be co-written by David Wild of  Rolling Stone and feature reflections from his fellow Goodie Mob bandmate Big Gipp.

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