Yesterday, I was sent a video by comedy group Second City. In it, they spoof an adoption infomercial and encourage viewers to adopt “real black babies.”

The clip pokes fun at the “trend” of adopting babies from Africa and Asia, and encourages couples to overcome their fears and consider adopting American black babies.

The video is….interesting.

And while I know it’s supposed to be satirical, I didn’t laugh once. The issues touched on in the clip–“scary black men,”  African babies coming with “baggage,” and the fact that so many African American children do need a home–prevented me from enjoying the video. But maybe I’m just too serious.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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  • Shannon

    This video overall wasn’t ROTFL hilarious, but it was something to generate some giggles lol, some of yall need to get over yourselves! it’s comedy and the best comedy is always controversial

  • Simone L

    LMFAO!!! her office @ the bus stop? lol

  • Trudy

    It made me laugh. Great satire. Even the use of the word “regular” is satire. I know that some of us Black folks (and ironically many White conservatives…Colbert can attest to this…lol) do not do well with satire or even sarcasm and view everything denotatively, and often miss out on what can be learned through creativity like this.

    Black children ARE treated like chic commodities when they are “far” enough from White American guilt, hence celebrity adoptions of Africans. The same superficial White liberals that wanted Kony “stopped” are often notably silent about Trayvon Martin. His case is too close for comfort (not to mention it is easy to rally people behind stopping a Black “far away” criminal than a White “right here at home” one. History itself reveals this repeatedly).

  • Opinionated

    I am an “ADOPTED REGULAR BLACK CHILD” and think this video is some BS! Yea, I get the supposed humor, but don’t think it’s funny, could be because there chances of black children getting adopted are lower than any other group of children. Or all of the BS, I have had to put up with over the years with the stigma that comes along with being an “ADOPTED REGULAR BLACK CHILD” …. but the ish aint funny at all. My life and other lives like mine are not a joke

    • First responder

      @opinionated: Even though written in humor, I think the purpose of this video is to encourage dialogue about adopting black children in the US. It’s widely known that older children and black children will sit in an adoption circuit longer than international children or children of other races. It’s satire, but really a political statement meant to draw an eye on the fact that there are wonderful, beautiful and black babies and children available right here in the US. You don’t have to adopt in Ethiopia or elsewhere, you can adopt right here. What’s really interesting to explore though, is how hard the adoption process is here in the US and how laws vary by state, which is why I suspect most people prefer to adopt internationally. Bottom line, the video encourages adopting and that’s commendable. Too many children go without being adopted, US and abroad! Just my two cents…

    • Opinionated

      @ First responder, I disagree that it encourages adoption. The national adoption agency encourages adoption. Second City is a comedy outlet whose intent and purpose is to entertain. Agreed that it pokes fun at the fact that people go out of their way to go to other countries and adopt instead of adopting right here at home. But the video is still a comedy skit and the only purpose of a comedy skit is to make people laugh. I want to know how many parents looking to adopt will now make a B-line to their local adoption agency like my mother did (not only once, but twice I might add) to specifically adopt black children in need of a family. Doubt this video/comedy skit sent people running to adoption agency’s…

      Bottom line, it was meant as a joke, I understand how everyone else got a chuckle, as an black adopted child, I just don’t think its funny