The expansion of the Violence Against Women Act is still making its way through a Congress influenced by a political climate that is increasingly hostile towards women and our rights — Republicans have accused Democrats of using the issue of violence against women and this bill in a political power play to cater to the party’s liberal base. Yet the amendment to the existing bill would increase protections for LGBT, undocumented immigrant, and Native American victims of abuse, which are all very real needs in America.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore took the House floor yesterday to personalize the issue of violence against woman and stress that it’s not some niche or partisan issue, it is “as American as apple pie.” She knows this because she was both sexually assaulted as a child and raped as an adult, incidents that the congresswoman bravely made part of her speech during yesterday’s session. Watch:

You’ve got to applaud Moore’s bravery and frankness in so unflinchingly sharing her story for the benefit of other women.

What do you think? Will Moore’s openness help this amendment get passed?

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