Blue Ivy may be the first infant in the world to ever wear a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes since Beyonce has requested that a special pair be made for her 2-month-old daughter, but somehow I doubt she’ll be the last.

Queen B obviously has the ends to drop a stack or two on red bottom baby booties—even if Blue will grow out of them in a month or so—but when it comes to everyday women and their little bundles of joy, do designer clothes really make sense?

From my view, the answer is no. Number one, babies are constantly spitting up, dropping food, and ruining their clothes some kind of way with marks that will not come out in a wash. With spots and stains all over their outfit no one will know if that the baby is wearing something from Old Navy or Nieman Marcus, and frankly I doubt anyone would care. Second, kids grow too fast. There’s a reason baby clothes are typically sized in 3-month increments—babies don’t stay the same size for long during their first two years of life. When you drop hundreds of dollars on designer label clothing for an infant, 90 days is about the max amount of time the kid will be able to wear it. How many of us can really justify that type of purchase?

I remember a friend of mine went to a baby shower and bought tons of clothes for the baby to wear after he was born. After opening up one too many items without any recognizable labels, the mother plainly stated that her child will not wear off-brands—and trust me she wasn’t in a financial situation to be picky. Those are the instances I get particularly irritated by designer baby clothes. It always seems like the have-nots are the ones with the most expensive taste.

Dressing your baby in Gucci and Prada is essentially all about status, but who really needs that—the parents or the baby? Sure it’s cute to see a little one wearing a high-end label they have no knowledge of, but when you’re just trying to show off your baby like a little Hermes trophy it’s not a good look. It’s great to introduce your child to the finer things in life and there’s no harm instilling a little fashion sense at a young age, but I’d prefer to do that when the child is at an age they can actually appreciate it.

What do you think about designer clothes for kids?

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