If we had to sit down and figure out the most disgusting aspect of the weeks following Whitney Houston’s death, the fact that someone took and sold a picture of her in her casket would have to top the list.

While the National Enquirer should be in the hot seat for paying for and publishing such a disrespectful photo, the Houston family and the general public have wondered who would even take that picture in the first place, even for all the money in the world. It’s now being reported that not only has Cissy Houston found out who did it, but she is asking that they use this opportunity to do a good deed. From the Chicago Sun-times:

According to a source close to Cissy Houston, Whitney’s grieving mom now knows who sold that photo to the National Enquirer. The Houston family insider said Cissy “had a come-to-Jesus moment” with the guilty party and demanded the alleged six-figure fee for the photo be donated to charity.

The Nosy Nelly in all of us probably want to know who took that photo so that we can side-eye the life out of them, but Cissy is too much of a class act to blow their spot so we may never find out. Kudos to Cissy for handling such a sad situation with kindness.

What do you think of this story?

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  • sogone

    it isn’t disrespectful to take pictures of the dead. death is not private. celebrity death damn sure ain’t private. its only a big deal because people are hyping it up as something that shouldn’t have been done. the people put the value on it. whitney was famous and had all that she did because the people valued her. nothing wrong with that.

    • mamareese

      If is was shared not to do it then I’d respect that wish. Death may not be sacred to some but it should have some dignity. Taking pics of something like this and then accepting cash for it is waaayyy beyond foul. This wasn’t for memories sake it was for a buck.

  • No

    I know what that person was wrong but…Cissy co-signed on having Whitney’s funeral televised which I thought was tacky.

    • Gogirl

      There is no mystery to this..it has already been revealed that Pat Houston took the photo. Pat Houston was her manager and sister in law(Gary’s wife) the one gave the interview to Oprah. She is pathetic and wasnt Whitney’s friend AT ALL. And her brother aint too far from it.

  • D-Magnet

    I heard a rumor that Mrs. Cissy Houston knows who sold the photo and it is believed to be Patricia Houston. If this is true, that is so sad!!