The older I get, the less likely I am to listen to music when I’m riding around in my car. Instead, I can be found listening to NPR and other public radio stations. My favorite shows no longer involve rap battles and R&B slow jams (I flip on my CDs or iPod for that), but rather tidbits about the economy, political debates, and stories from every corner of the world.

On any given day I can be found listening to Marketplace Money, On the Media, and my personal favorite, This American Life. But recently I discovered a new gem: Snap Judgement.

Created by Glynn Washington Snap Judgement boasts “storytelling with a beat.” Each week the show shares stories around a theme accompanied by a lively mix of hip hop, jazz, and soul music. From the moment I heard the show, I was hooked. I literally sat in my car for about 20 minutes in my garage listening to the end of the show. It was official, I was a fan.

Since hearing the show a few months ago, I’ve either listened on the radio or online, but I’ve continued to be a fan. Snap Judgement often shares stories of people of color and I must admit, it’s nice hearing our stories on the radio.

Check out this episode of Snap Judgement about not judging people based on how they first seem.

Do you listen to public radio? What are some of your favorite programs?

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  • I love this show! The music is on point and the stories are compelling and entertaining. I hope more people get on this awesomeness

  • Val

    NPR was conceived to give voice to those who didn’t have a voice in the mainstream media. And what a gigantic fail it has been. NPR is LILY WHITE! Snap Judgement has a Black host but the vast majority of the storytellers are White. And pretty much everyone on NPR is White. It’s White radio for White people!

    NPR ought to be defunded. If NPR wants to exist it shouldn’t use my tax dollars and then ignore me. Let them sell air time like everyone else.

    The same goes for PBS.

  • ConniD

    I listen to Black Talk Radio……Gayle King, Warren Ballentine, etc. WURD radio and WOL are on from the time I get to my office to when I leave.

  • DELILAH-I don’t know whether she is on Public Radio all I know is that I dearly love her!