Singer Solange Knowles is always on the road. The Houston gal and Beyoncé’s younger sister is carving a name for herself as a fashionista and world traveler. At the end of last year Solange traveled to Rwanda and she recently shared a few candid pictures on her blog, aptly called, MyDamnBlog

While she was there, Solange gushed about her love of the country. She tweeted, “Rwanda, Day 2, and loving it!” and on her blog wrote that she “left her heart in Rwanda.”

Solange's son, Julez.

Solange’s son, Julez.

The pictures–of everyday things and people–all feel very vintage, which is in keeping with Solange’s quirky styles.




What do you think of Solange’s photos? Have you ever traveled to Africa? 

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  • Jasmine

    I lived in Cape Town, SA for 6 months and I’ve also traveled to Namibia and Lesotho. The best experience of my life.

  • Courtney F

    For a long time I never wanted to go to Africa because
    I had a very stereotypical view of it. However, that changed when I met one of my best friends who called me out on it. She said, “you’ve been to England and all these places but, you don’t even want to go to the motherland?” it was a legit question and it really
    made me think. Today, it’s definitely something I’d like to do if given the opportunity.

  • I just wanted to visit this article to say that I just came back from Rwanda for a program at my college! I was there for a month, and I can honestly say that I love it! I love the people (I almost got married there…lol long story), the culture, the language (kinyarwanda), the landscape and the food!

    I miss it soooo much! It’s great. I still cannot believe I got the opportunity to go to a wonderful country this summer. I am blessed.
    -20 year old college student