A parody of Tyga’s Rack City – Fat Hungry Bitch –has recently gone viral on YouTube. Unfortunately, Fat Hungry Bitch builds upon the misogyny of the original and adds fat phobia into the mix.

The so-called “video hoe” is a modernized version of the Hottentot Venus – Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman. It has been 217 years since the death of Ms. Bartman, yet the sexist and racist fetishization of Black female bodies lives on with the obligatory ass-shaking and fixation on the buttocks in a large percentile of videos that sexualize Black women.  Just as Baartman was forced to display her buttocks and genitalia for the amusement and the uplift of whiteness, today’s video hoe shakes her genitalia to empower a very negative construction of Black masculinity.

Fat Hungry Bitch attempts to present itself as idealizing and uplifting fat Black women; however, it reads like feeder porn and celebrates a feeder/feedee relationship, which in some circles has been known to be abusive to the feedee. Rather than the Health At Any Size doctrine that fat activists have attempted to normalize, feederism promotes the eating of food and gaining of weight as erotic, even in cases where it causes a feedee to become immobile.  In some cases, feederism includes forced feeding with the goal being to discover how fat and helpless the feedee can potentially become.

To publicly eat and enjoy food as a fat person often means subverting our social constructions of womanhood.  Women are encouraged to purchase low-fat, low-calorie foods and to eat small portions at all times.  Representatives of companies like Jenny Craig are women, with the underlying message being that true femininity belongs only to those who the ability to conform to a very thin and narrow body type.

Rather than subverting these restricting ideas of consumption for women, Fat Hungry Bitch affirms them, even as the woman in the video licks a chicken, fellates a sausage, seductively licks her lips, and places crushed Twinkies on her breasts.  She is seen covering her face in what appears to be some form of spreadable cheese, as well as stuffing hamburgers in her mouth.  This is a purposeful attempt to eroticize the eating of food, even as this woman is reduced by having chicken wings thrown at her and mocking the one dollar bills thrown at exotic dancers. Throughout the video, her ability to eat and perform sexually with food is presented as a turn-on and this is the essence of feederism.  Although the male claims to be sexually aroused, there is no reciprocity in this statement, and we are never made aware of the reason for her participation, in what can clearly be called self-mockery.  She isn’t eating for her own pleasure, and just like in mainstream porn, her actions are specifically to titillate the male gaze.

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