I can’t imagine that anything actually newsworthy was going on in the Benton Harbor, Michigan area in the days after Bonnie Miller fell into Lake Michigan. How else can one explain that an entire segment was dedicated to the story of a woman who was so busy texting that she stepped off of the edge of the pier and almost drowned? Sure, the Coast Guard and fire department had to be called in to rescue her silly behind from the water after several people jumped in to try to save her to no avail, but only a truly slow news day can explain a full report on such a goofy series of moves. Watch:

The “I’m so embarrassed but I have a new lease on life and feel the need to share with everyone” thing really confuses me. Because if that were me, which it never would be because I don’t play games when it comes to bodies of water, I’d be in my bed with the shades drawn, under the covers hiding from the world. Just in case this news report didn’t teach you anything about watching where you’re going, please do so if for no other reason than to avoid feeling this ridiculous.

Spotted at Jezebel.com

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  • au napptural

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! Thanks clutch. I feel better already.

  • kissa


  • MsQuita

    hahahahahaha!!! And SMH!!

  • mamareese

    A new lease on life…..really how do folks get that involved with cellphones? Am I the only person that stops walking until I’m done?

    • You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t pay attention to their surroundings because they were too busy focusing on their cellphone texting someone. I recently had the unfortunate experience of seeing a girl almost get hit by oncoming traffic. Apparently she was too busy trying to cross the street and text at the same time. Needless to say, that did not end well…

    • chanela

      @perverted its so true! people need to stop that shit!

      especially young women, women not paying attention are the main ones that get attacked for not being aware of their surroundings. its SAD

  • Mariah

    I saw a lady the other day walking in the middle of the road, texting. She was not paying any attention at all. Another thing I hate is when I’m walking into or out of the grocery store and I’m held up by someone too busy texting, or my personal favorite: holding up their sagging pants to walk with a purpose. UGH!!!