Well well well, look who is eating his ridiculously inappropriate words about the Trayvon Martin case. Fox News correspondent, Geraldo Rivera, apologized on Tuesday for blaming the shooting and death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on his hoodie, according to the Associated Press. Rivera received this “revelation” that his comments were extremely off after having a discussion with his 32-year-old-son and was told that his son was ashamed of what he said. “He had never, ever used language like that,” Rivera said. “It was like, `Whoa, what have I done that would make my son say that?’”

Rivera said he was apologizing to anyone that he offended with his comments about Martin being killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who claimed the iced tea and skittles totting teen looked “suspicious” due to his hoodie. He said he wanted urban parents to realize that clothing their children wear – such as hooded T-shirts or low-slung pants – could appear menacing to people who don’t know them and could put them unnecessarily in danger. This of course sparked outrage by those in support of Zimmerman being persecuted for the killing.

“I wanted to provoke a response,” he told the AP. “I never expected it to be a viral avalanche.”

This is a perfect example that sometimes the child can be the teacher and the parent the student. Let’s be thankful that his son was not afraid to speak his mind and let his father know how he felt about his harmful words.


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