I remember when I was in college one of my girlfriends told me that once one of her friends even said a guy was cute he was automatically off limits. This made me think if this was an overall girlfriend code or individually based. There are some that are automatically known such as not dating a friend’s ex or sharing secrets your girlfriend told you in the utmost confidence, but just because you look and like does that mean I can’t do the same?

There are definitely enough men to go around in this world, but if you and your girlfriend so happen to see a guy at the same time and like what you see, do you have to stake your claim by verbally expressing these feelings? Honestly, once a friend told me she thought someone was cute or had feelings for him, he was automatically off limits in my head. I have experienced some of these guys expressing interest in me, but I declined because it just didn’t feel right. There were times when I told my girlfriends and they would say they didn’t care, but we all know when our friends are lying or just trying to save face.

I don’t believe this should be an official “girlfriend code,” but rather a conditional one. It should be conditional based on how much your friend expresses an interest in this person and the strength of the friendship that the two of you have. I am a firm believer that a man should never come between real friends because if or when that guy messes up, it’s that same girlfriend who you will be running to for a shoulder to cry on.

When I think about this code, I think about the movie, “Something Borrowed” (yes you will notice I relate a lot of my articles to movies) where a Rachel (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) allowed her girlfriend Darcy (played by Kate Hudson) to be with the man she secretly had strong feelings for because she failed to express her interest first. In the end, she decided to put her happiness above her friendship (sorry for the spoiler) and be with the man of her dreams. I never really knew how to feel about that because she gained her true love, but lost a childhood friend in the process.

One could say that you shouldn’t let love pass you by just because your friend happens to like the same guy. In all actuality, if he is as great as you perceive him to be than many women will feel the same, friend or not.

So is this a code that you feel all women should follow? Is it conditional or just nonsense?

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