The issue of whether guns serve a protective function in the home or just make life a little more dangerous for us and our loved ones is a hot one that folks will probably never agree on. But there are some incidents that, undeniably, could have been avoided had the proper precautions been taken to keep firearms far away from children. The Chicago Sun Times reports:

A 5-year-old girl was in good condition early Sunday after she was shot in her ankle Saturday afternoon while jumping on a bed when a gun hidden under the mattress accidentally went off.

The girl was jumping on the bed in a home in the 6400 block of South Artesian about 12:20 p.m. when the gun discharged, according to police. She was taken to University of Chicago Comer’s Children’s Hospital, police said. She was in good condition following the treatment.

The report adds that the girl’s caretaker was charged with a felony count of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon as well as with ­­­­­two misdemeanors: possession of ammunition and theft of lost or mislaid property. In other words, this person had no legal business having a gun or bullets and did not actually own the gun. Notice how this incident is so far being handled as an accident, as none of the charges address the negligence involved in exposing a child to a dangerous weapon through what is a very normal part of play.

This is a case of rather extreme negligence, but parents everywhere should pay attention and realize that the guns you’re keeping may not be as safely hidden as you think. It’s stories like these that solidify my opinion that guns should not be kept in the home, especially when gun owners have children around.

What do you think? Should guns be kept in the home as long as they’re safe or are they too dangerous when kids are involved?

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  • QoNewC

    Gun owner should be in prison. If that child dies, murder.

  • Greg

    Guns should be kept in the home as long as they’re safe and preferably in a lockbox w/a thumb scan when they’re are children present. Children should be taught the proper use and handling of firearms at a young age as is/was commonly done with the Boy Scouts of America.

    More guns have protected families than have been accidently hurt by them in the past and likely the future with the large amount of gun sales in America in the last decade and especially last 3 yrs. When Ruger sells out of firearms as they recently did, it’s a good sign that Americans are once again respecting their Second Amendment and that is a good thing.

  • mamareese

    Two things….they say not to have a loaded gun with kids in the home for a reason. And….they do make rubber bullets…if you are going to be hard headed enough to not follow proper gun safety…..then get rubber bullets. If you use this as a 1st shot it’s enough to stun your attacker to run or fire again…just saying.

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