It’s been almost a year since Psychology Today blogger Satoshi Kanazawa sparked a firestorm with his post entitled, “A Look at the Hard Truths About Human Nature.” In it Kanazawa claimed that black women are less physically attractive than other women. Obviously Mr. Kanazawa needed to get his eyes check because the black rainbow has long produced beautiful women and now, Harlem photographer is preparing to reintroduce that beauty to the world in his new book “Beauty In Black.”

“Beauty In Black” is a coffee table book filled with images celebrating the beauty and spirit of black women, proving that black truly is beautiful. Phillips plans to travel around the country in order to capture a diverse sampling of women. According to Phillips he wanted to do something positive to combat all the negativity and feels this book is a great starting point.

“I want to photograph black women from different places — with all ages, shades, shapes, sizes and hair textures. I was raised by a strong black woman and I’m married to a strong black woman. So when I hear discouraging things about black women it disturbs me because I know they are wrong.”

Phillip also believes “Beauty in Black” will help young girls build a better self image and self esteem after viewing the beautiful women in his book who will look just like them.

“I really want young girls to have a book they can go to and say ‘This is what beauty is,’ rather than having other people define it for them.”

I’m proud to see a man taking a stand and defending the honor of black women, something that unfortunately you don’t see too often. No word on when Phillips’ “Beauty In Black” will be complete, but I for one will most definitely be buying a copy whenever it is. Will you?

What do you think of “Beauty In Black?” How is Black beautiful to you?

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  • Michael

    The First time I picked up a camera ( Ester Sunday 1969) I took it out side and all the neighborhood Ladyes were in there Sunday best, I was Easter. Still love to Photo the Sista’s

  • I am so tired of our young women believing the lie. They do not need to wear a weave all the time in order to be considered attractive. (Viola was the epitome of beauty at the Oscars) African American women are naturally beautiful. Society tries to imitate our physical traits then claim them as their own. Such as butt implants, tanning, hip implants, increase in size of lips, just to name a few. Thank you for showing and shedding light on the truth about the lie (that African American women aren’t attractive). Our skin radiates in the sun and our bodies are a work of art. WE ARE THE ORIGINAL QUEENS. “IT’S TIME FOR US TO TAKE OUR POSITION”.