There’s been so much nuttiness on the GOP playing field since Herman Cain left the race that I barely missed the guy. Oh, who am I kidding…I strongly believe that Cain is such a freaksow that he’s almost as entertaining as he is frightening and I have missed his nonsense just a little. Lately he’s been working on a new project called Sick of Stimulus, and by stimulus he means “debt, ObamaCare, spending, big government, unemployment, regulations, rhetoric, gas prices, and smears.” The bad news (bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good) is that in this advertisement for his brand of fiscal responsibility, a bunny rabbit dies. I am not kidding.

Is it just me or does that little girl have a “Black Hole Sun” vibe about her?

It’s one thing to co-opt the “this is your brain…this is your brain on drugs” concept from like thirty years ago (which, by the way, was ultimately ineffective), but it’s an entirely different, sadistic and strange other thing to fling a bunny rabbit into the air and shoot it with a hunting rifle just a few weeks before Easter to make a point (his reps say that no rabbit was harmed in the creation of this video, but still). And what’s with Herm standing on a cliff —  in a sweater vest of all things — like he’s Indiana Jones or something but without any mountaineering gear? This is exactly the type of weirdness that Cain and his supporters legitimately enjoy: super bizarre, mildly dystopian, and disturbing.

What do you think of this ad?

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  • I rather liked it! But I didn’t like that the dude shot the rabbit….animals are precious just like this one that is PUPPPPPPPPYLICIOUS!!!!! Her name is BEYOOOOOONCE!!!!!!


  • Dalili

    LOL @ the Black Hole Sun comparison and Herman in his sweater vest staring off into the distance.

  • Wait… WHAT?

    Why was the bunny’s death SO INCREDIBLY graphic? And Cain, standing there in his sweater vest… what the…? I think he was watching the bunny die.

    The “click-CLACK” of the gun at the end made me think a Bone Thugs in Harmony song was about to come on.

    It’s the thuggish ruggish CAAAAAAINE! Herrrrrr-man’s in the house!

    No. Just NO.

  • pink

    Total waste of time!! This is a stupid ass commercial….just like Cain is a stupid ass!! I wonder if his wife still believes him about the other women?! If she does she’s naive as hell !!