Today something happened to me that has happened many times before. But this time, it was different. This time, it got me thinking…

It started with a simple question from a stranger walking by on the streets: “Hey, where’d you get your boots?!” The answer was simple, and I was actually quite proud. “Oh, hey. These things?! They were from Target – would you believe?!” I kept walking. She followed.

“Target?! No way! Which line are they?” I had to think for a moment. “Ummm… They’re by Dolce Vita. Yea, when they did that little capsule collection.” I kept walking. She followed.

“Oh, wow! I love Dolce Vita. How much?!” Alright, lady. This was starting to get outta hand. But again, I was flattered and quite proud of the bargain I’d snatched. “They were on sale when I got ’em – $6 bucks! Hel-lo!” My face shone with bliss. I love a good deal. I kept walking. Her ass followed. Now, I was beginning to get annoyed…

“No way! Which location?!” Are you kidding me? “You know, I was in another state when I bought ’em. Georgia, actually. Atlanta.” Still walking. Still being followed.

“Hmmm, how recently?! I wonder if the one by my apartment in Brooklyn has ’em.” Finally – a chance to shut her down! “This was over a year ago. Check online, they may be floating around on eBay. Have a great day!” Whew. That was intense. *wipes single sweat bullet from forehead* *dusts off boots from walking two extra blocks with crazy stranger*

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  • Dee

    Great post! I don’t find it a challenge in regards to sharing by whom and from where I purchase a particular item. I will not;however, tell you the price. Mainly because 9 out of 10 times the item will not be the same price.

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  • Rob

    Hilarious! I try to keep it as vague as possible with people because like your friend I have some horror stories that are borderline cray… I have learned my lesson.

  • Lakesha

    I don’t like for people to run out and buy something just to say “me and kesha have the same thing”. I hate that crap! buy it because YOU love it…that’s what i do. I love a good deal so i will tell you the price because i’m proud of myself. but don’t get mad and come telling me that when you bought it wasn’t the same price as i paid and that i must be lying, because that’s gonna piss me off…(soapbox, let me get down)

  • OSHH

    If I remember I will tell folks who ask…..