Wednesday night, protestors in New York City took to the streets to stand in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin. Thousands of people–young and old, and of all ethnicities–demanded justice for the slain teen whose killer, 28-year-old George Zimmerman, has yet to be arrested.

Wednesday’s protest was just one of many scheduled around the country from Atlanta to Chicago, to Sanford, Florida where young Trayvon tragically lost his life.

During the “Million Hoodies March,” which was organized online by 24-year-old filmmaker Daniel Maree, the crowd wore hooded sweatshirts and chanted, “I am Trayvon Martin,” while offering encouraging words to Trayvon’s parents, who spoke to the energetic crowd.

In one particularly moving moment, Tayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, brought it all home. She told the crowd, “Our son is your son…This is not about a black and white thing, this is about a right and wrong thing.”

Pressured by public outrage, Florida’s state’s attorney and Department of Justice officials have opened an investigation into Trayvon Martin’s murder, and Wednesday evening, the Sanford city commission delivered a vote of “no confidence” for the city’s police chief Bill Lee, who has been criticized for his officers’ handling of the case.

Although many call for Zimmerman’s immediate arrest, legal officials speculate he will not be arrested until after the grand jury convenes on April 10.

Despite not being in New  York City yesterday, I was able to watch the rally and stay up to date on what was happening by tuning into Tim Pool’s UStream feed. The independent journalist has been broadcasting the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC and was on hand covering the Million Hoodie March as well. While watching, I asked my Twitter followers who were on hand to share some of their photos from the march and they happily obliged.

Check out some of the sights of yesterday’s ‘Million Hoodie March.’

Thousands gather in NYC to protest the murder of Trayvon Martin. 

Photo by NBC

Occupy Wall Street protestors joined the march for Trayvon Martin.

Photo by Blake Von D

People gather for the Million Hoodies March in Union Square, NYC.

Photo by Tim Pool via UStream

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