Ok, I’ll admit it, I sometimes like a little drama-filled reality TV to serve as background noise for my nights. While I don’t know what days and times many of these shows come on, if I happen to be flipping past the channel and see it, I’ll stop and watch.

Last night I caught a bit of VH1’s Couple Therapy which features feuding couples attempting to work out their issues and patch things up, and I was blown away with just how much these couples were willing to share on TV. As someone who has gone to therapy, I know how vulnerable you feel sharing your deepest hurts and secrets with your therapist, and I can’t imagine doing so on TV. But watching DMX (wo has struggled with substance abuse) and his wife Tashera argue about his rampant disrespect and infidelity was both surprising and completely enthralling.

Although the couple has been separated since 2005, they have yet to get divorced. And from the looks of things, they may be on their way to the lawyer’s office. For whatever reason, DMX and Tashera are attempting to work things out, but things got tense when she brought up his cheating ways.

His explanation? You knew what this was from the beginning.

During his profanity-laced rant, DMX says something I’ve heard from many men before: women don’t want the truth.

Unfortunately for his wife, DMX tells her that he’s going to sleep with as many women as he wants “until his d*ck falls off” and there’s nothing she can do to change that. Tashera, who I hope is only on this show for a check, tells him that his comments are disrespectful and disregard her feelings, to which he asks, “How is that disregarding your feelings? I’m being honest.”

While his delivery was certainly crass, DMX has a point. He’s continually remained the same unfaithful guy from the beginning, so why now is his wife asking him to change?

I’ve seen this scene play out in real life countless times–from issues of cheating, to being unable to commit, to not wanting to have children–and it’s always left me shaking my head. If you knew what it was from the beginning, why overlook the truth?

When people get into relationships…can they really handle the difficult truths? Speak on it!


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