“@David is in an open relationship with @Bridgette and @Flora”

*blink blink*

At first glance I pay the update no mind since I’ve come to expect the time lines of certain Facebook friends to be exaggerated, dramatic and peculiar. Many of my online pals are creative types that employ the use of words to convey a message that’s more aimed at making a subliminal impact than it is intended to give their readers a general update like you normal people do.

Their messages are meant to shock, surprise and entice the readers to think. That’s what us ‘edgy’ living people do for fun.

But then there are other times when my scroll finger gets stopped mid flick-motion by the Facebook updates of those people who would typically be thought of as just ‘regular’ people.

You know, this would include your favorite Aunt in Texas or your ex-coworker who would ride shot gun with you as you two snuck back into work late after your weekly “Happy Friday” extended liquid lunch. This person could just as well be your very first best-est friend from the block who also still lives right next door to your grandparents back in the old neighborhood.

Just regular people.

Normal people, not like me, because I’m not normal, and I don’t think it would be such a surprise to see me posting a scandalous relationship status update because everyone knows that I write scandalous and enticing things on purpose. I”m a creative artist, after all, and that’s what we do!

But what happens when someone who you thought was ‘normal’ decides to publicly state that they follow relationship values that differ from your own? I’m sure some people would prefer that those with different relationship beliefs kept their opinions to themselves. The dominate culture wants everyone to respect the majority belief and often the consideration of alternatives noticeably causes some people to get their panties in a bunch.

Does writing something so bold on Facebook really bring unnecessary attention to the private lives of these individuals anymore so than when those who are in traditional relationship do it?

I personally feel like adults should be allowed to have whatever form of relationship they choose to have and be respected for doing what works for them. If everyone is comfortable and knowledgeable about the dynamics of the situation, then I don’t see what the harm is when adults want to have multiple partnered relationships. If they respect their partners enough to be with them then why not shout it out to the world the same as everybody else is allowed to.

The world is changing and if we’re ever to have a place where all variations of love are welcomed and accepted then we’ll have to start off by agreeing to live and let live. I’m excited to see ‘normal’ people willing to proudly put forth their choice of lifestyle without shame.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more of this as people (like myself) who live and thrive in these relationships begin to make themselves known to the world.

But in the meantime…How do you feel about the fact that open relationships are becoming more mainstream? Would an open relationship status make you view a loved one differently? Why or why not?

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