It’s no secret that runway models are on the lower end of the totem pole, and the least paid in the fashion industry. But who knew that some were actually unpaid all together? This according to Marc Jacobs model, 17 year old Hailey Hasbrook. The underage model documented her experiences leading up to New York Fashion Week, on her Tumblr page (which has since been taken down) where she was hired to be a ‘looks’ model for the designer. Looks models are used as a human mannequin of sorts, to try on all of the garments that will be featured in a fashion show. The model updated her Tumblr page with these remarks:

Sunday: Sunday was a VERY hectic and LOOOOONGG day…..

It started with a casting for Rodarte at 11:00 in the morning.

Then, I had MORE looks for Marc Jacobs. The SCHEDULED time was Noon-4:30. They ended up keeping me until 6:00, though, causing me to have to switch around my schedule and cancel some things.


I thought to myself at least it will be an early night. Wrong. After I get to Theysken’s, I get a call from my agency saying Marc wants me BACK to do more looks. They told him that I would do it but I had to have an early night because I had shows early the next morning. They told me that I shouldn’t be there any later than 10:30.

Well, 10:30 rolls around and I ask Shawn if he knows when I will be ready to leave. Only to find out that they have me booked open-ended. Meaning that they had no specific end time for me. After a couple phone calls, they decided on 2:00 am.

Well, 2:00 rolls around…. I hadn’t been trying things on for a while so we all thought I would be good to go. I go and start to get dressed only to be called for in the other room by Marc.

I didn’t end up leaving until around 4:30 in morning, which was the time that everybody else left.


A lot of work eh? How much do you think the model was actually paid for this? According to what she told one reader on her Tumblr page, “I got trade, not cash…I literally got a whole outfit from Marc Jacobs — a bag, dress, jacket and shoes.” Perhaps this may be considered a fair trade for some, considering the high cost of Marcus Jacob designs, but there is another problem. These exorbidant work hours must violate some type of child labor laws.

LVMH who owns Marc Jacobs, reported a profit of 9.5 billion dollars last year, and Marc Jacobs gets quite a handsome share of these profits, that makes him one of the highest paid designers in the world. So why isn’t he paying his models?

Do you think that models should be paid in more than trade? Or is this a fair and reasonable practice?

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