Picture-5721It’s no secret that the beautiful people tend to get ahead in life, but you might be surprised by just how much further they’re getting. Online MBA Programs recently broke down the benefits of beauty, and to be honest, they’re pretty hefty.

On average, attractive people earn 10-15% more than unattractive workers, adding up to a lifetime difference of about $230,000. And no matter how hard you prep for that interview, an attractive candidate is going to have a leg up on the competition, the researchers found. Overall, attractive interviewees have a 72% chance of getting a call back whereas the less attractive person has about a 62% chance.

If that’s not disturbing enough, the connection between women’s salary and their weight proves beauty is far from only skin deep. Women who are 70 pounds under the average weight get paid the most, and there’s a $40,000 difference between what that woman typically earns ($62,500) and a woman on the other end of the spectrum at 70 pounds over the average weight. She’s only bringing home $21,500.

Across the board, women who were heavy on the makeup, as opposed to going bare-faced or having a natural makeup look, were also perceived as more competent, likable, attractive and even trustworthy. Men aren’t immune to the effects of attractiveness either, it’s just for them, the bigger and taller you are, the higher your earnings.

When it comes down to it, the issue isn’t that corporate America is full of a bunch of shallow HR people looking to add pretty faces around the office. What’s really going on is that attractive people tend to receive a lot more positive reinforcement throughout their lifetime. If you were a gorgeous little girl, chances are your parents paid a lot of attention to you and teachers were more kind to you than your classmates. That treatment instills confidence in you from an early age which likely translates into a high level of self-esteem not only for your physical qualities but also your academic and professional abilities which is why these people turn out to be high earners. On the flip side, people who weren’t treated as nicely or paid as much attention to may feel less capable and that shows up in the way they approach their careers. Bottom line? Trust and believe in your inner and outer beauty and the money will follow.

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