Amid rampant divorce rumors, Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote a song for her husband, Will Smith, on Valentine’s Day. Now, Jada and her band Wicked Evolution, have released a video for the romantic song that Jada says (in Spanish) is “the beginning of a new love” for her man.

Listening to the song and watching Jada pour her heart out made me wander what other grand gestures others have done for the ones they love. Thinking back over my relationships, I’ve done some pretty romantic things (in my opinion). From baking cookies and sending them to my guy who was away at college, to writing poems, making mixtapes, and arranging a weekend vacation–I’ve just about done it all.

While some say that being romantic is a thing of the past, gestures like Jada’s song to her hubby confirms that it is alive and well. And like Darius Lovehall said in Love Jones, if you think romance is dead, “you’ve just exhausted the possibilities.”

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done? What do you think of the video?

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  • -stayed even when he could not afford Taco bell! JESUS ON THE CROSS!

  • iQgraphics

    i sang with esperanza spalding at one of her shows to my significant other… and I CANNOT SING

  • kai

    shes so beautiful. Their love is beautiful

  • Beautiful Mic

    Watching her perform this makes me uneasy, for some reason.

    • Tiffso

      I feel the same…I feel like she is trying to hard to sing the words…relax and stop being so extra

  • Beautiful!