Kim Coles, one of the stars of our favorite late 90s comedy, Living Single, is gearing up to return to TV. The Brooklyn-born actress was tapped to host the new game show, Are You Normal America? on Oprah’s OWN network.

According to OWN, Are You Normal America? will “help viewers figure out how normal (or not) they are” by “using a highly scientific and deeply revealing poll, in addition to a ‘jury’ of real Americans, man-on-the-street polling, real life situations shot in the field and in-studio demonstrations.”

Cole is excited about the show and recently blogged about her experience, writing, “Oprah is my new Boss and I am giddy, grateful and GOOD!”

At the moment, there is no air date for the show, but we’ll keep you posted.

Will you be tuning in? 

*Photos via Kim Coles’ blog

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  • Great host pick for new OWN show!

    I really like that OWN is diversifying its programming with talented African Americans like Kim Coles and Iylana Vanzant.

  • Not interested in the LEAST. I watched that laughable garbage “My Black is Beautiful” that she co-hosted with some other out of work black actresses, and I was so embarrassed for all of them that I had to turn the channel. And this happened every single time I tried to tune in and watch it. Cringe worthy. So now she is doing something else? Sorry, just because she and I both happen to be black does not mean I will support her work. Especially without Queen Latifah and Kim Fields to carry her.

  • yeathatsme

    sounds interesting..

  • I

  • shadow

    I’ll try it!