Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is “tired of burying young black boys,” and considers Trayvon Martin’s death “a classic example of racial profiling quickly followed by murder.”

She is also the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 17th congressional district where Sanford, Florida, is located and personally knows the Martin family. Frederica Wilson has only been in office since January, but she has been using her presence on the House floor to hold America accountable for the lack of action on Trayvon Martin’s cold-blooded murder. She has promised to speak to the House every single day “and announce to America how long justice for Trayvon Martin has been delayed” until George Zimmerman is arrested. Her passionate speech at Tuesday’s session was a call to action asking us to “stand up for Trayvon Martin, stand up for Justice, stand up for our children.”

Her words and committment to the cause of justice provide much-needed hope during this trying time. For more of her thoughts, watch her speech at Wednesday’s session.

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  • notapologizing4bingwhite

    Tell me y’all, if Zimmerman is white then Obama MUST be white then, no? He is JEWISH and HISPANIC and doesn’t even LOOK anglo or caucasian. It is a case of a wanna be a cop ADULT, shooting a boy—–PERIOD, what difference do the colors make? It is tragic. Only REAL racists want to spin this white and black. I am white and do not apologize for it, but as a man I am ashamed there are “men” like Zimmerman on Gods earth.

    • apple

      jewish is a religion, hispanic is culture not a race

      try again

    • omfg

      don’t feed the dumb arse trolls. k?

  • notapologizing4bingwhite

    Hispanic is a “culture”? I suppose that is why when asked on any job app Hispanic is a RACE, opposed to black or white. lol typical

  • white guy

    Zimmerman’s skin is lighter than Trayvon’s, so he must be a racist vigilante, right? I thought black people were against profiling and lynching. Wison is a disgrace to any race.