From Frugivore — I just received an email this morning of a You Tube video called “Baby Yoga,” where a baby is swung all around a woman’s body by its arms. Considering the “death threats” I received yesterday for questioning citizens of large cities about the lack of yoga studios in black neighborhoods, I’m curious to see what kind of reaction I’ll get from posting this shocking video, which looks like a woman swinging a doll and not a real baby. I can’t imagine doing this to a real baby (but I’m a man, so I don’t rule out my sloppiness when holding my nephew Hezeki).

According to the YouTube caption, apparently MILLIONS of people around the world were left stunned when a video of Lena Fokina doing ‘baby yoga’ broke on the internet. The 51-year-old Russian was filmed spinning and flipping babies above her head and behind her back in such an outlandish fashion that several websites banned the footage for glorifying what to many would be considered child abuse. In fact, the moves were so shocking that most conceded they were being performed on a doll as no sane person would consider them acceptable. However, we tracked Lena down to a seminar called “Parenting the Deliberate Way” in Dahab, Egypt, where parents from across Europe were paying her to perform the same moves on their infants, some just a few months old. But Lena, who is a qualified PE teacher in her native Russia, insists the practice is totally safe and actually beneficial to children.

Be warned this s**t cray!

(Watch the video at Frugivore)

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