The murder rate in New Orleans is ten times the national average, and instead of staying at home and mumbling that those criminals “need Jesus,” 76-year-old Millie Campbell is on the scene praying that the crime will stop. She claims that Jesus called her to her mission to “pray the crime away” by organizing groups of women to drive through New Orleans’ worst neighborhoods and ask the Lord for help (while also providing a neighborhood watch function that has to reduce crime at least a little bit). Watch:

This news report is sweet, sad, and inspiring all at the same time. While Ms. Campbell is a wonderful person for spending her time and faith helping the city in her own way, in an ideal world she’d be living out her golden years in a rocking chair doing some knitting and watching her stories.

Do you think Ms. Cambell’s efforts are a good idea? Could they work?

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  • GOD’s way is so much different from us! We can’t imagine what goes on in the Spiritual which we cannot see but GOD…! Prayer is the Christian’s weapon of warfare! I say to the Pastor and Mrs. Williams and her fellow warriors, to continue in the Lord Jesus’ name!

  • GOD’s way is so much different than what we’d expect. We don’t know what is going on in the Spiritual realm but GOD…! To the Pastor, Mrs. Williams and her prayer warriors, I say to continue in the Lord Jesus’ name!

  • apple

    Unfortunately, I live in new Orleans and I remember this segment I chuckled at the gesture but id say maybe it helped a little because for 2 weeks I only saw about 3 murders instead of the 3 murders a night usual. However they still haven’t stop killing each other ,now it’s a bit slower ,so maybe granny on to something

  • Wuluwulu

    I think there was a story of a bad drought in Israel which was maybe 1-3 years in length and the whole country came together in prayer and I believe it was something like three days after they started praying rain came. I will never say prayer is in vain, because miracles still happen everyday based on prayer alone. It would be good if she could get more ppl on board to join the cause. If these ladies truly believe with deep faith that their prayers will move mountains, then it shall be done as they believe. I wish them well on their quest to live in a peaceful community.

    God bless her heart for trying to do what she can at her advanced age while so many who are much more younger than she is are too crippled with cowardice to even try.