Tommy Taylor videoRecently, a “comedic” video about abused black men has been making the rounds on the social media networks. The video, by comedian Tommy Taylor, claims to give voice to the “80,000 innocent black men” who are “abused, battered, [and] neglected” by black women. To remedy this, the video suggest white women swoop in to save them.


I’ll just say a few words about this video, because in my opinion, that’s all it deserves.

1) It wasn’t funny. If you’re going to spoof such an issue you’ll need the comedic genius of Dave Chappell.

2) It’s making fun of a very real issue–Intimate partner violence–which disproportionally affects black couples.

3) It further minimizes and dismisses the very real abuse suffered by men in relationships and keeps them silent.

4) Would so many black men be laughing if it depicted them abusing black women, while a white man rescues them? Probably not.

5) Again, It just wasn’t funny. 

But hey…maybe it’s just me.

Watch the video and let us know what you think! 

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