Oprah Winfrey has been dating Stedman Graham for as long as any of us can probably remember, yet the man has always been relegated to a strange sort of footnote in her otherwise rather open life. While many people think that her public image is carefully constructed to avoid full invasion of her privacy and scrutiny, the April 2012 O Magazine cover story is charming and silly and weird when it comes to Oprah and her main squeeze.

For the magazine’s first food issue, O features an interview with Oprah about a special treat that she makes Stedman called “The Love Sandwich.” She explains “I’ve only made it for a couple of other people, so if you’ve had me make the Love Sandwich for you, you have to be somebody I really care about.” Now that is sweet! I totally want to know what’s in it! But look at the cover:

See that little hand grabbing the plate on the far right? That’s Stedman! No, really…dude is tucked away behind the fold-out:

Maybe he doesn’t want to be on the cover of a magazine, or maybe nobody cares to see him, but the way they have Stedman behind the fold makes me think of how Vanity Fair ruffled feathers by tucking the black actresses in this year’s “Hollywood Issue” on the other side of the fold-out. Stedman has been Oprah’s life partner for twenty-five years, can a brother get some love?

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  • mgardner

    Oprah is VERY picky about who graces the cover I think only Mrs. Obama and Ellen I think it’s a feminist thing : )

  • Not Important

    That is right. Only a few grace the cover of O. They previous two and Rosie.

  • Val

    O mag’s demographic is middle aged White women so they were prolly afraid that showing two Black people on the cover would scare their customers away. Lol

  • me

    He’s on the magazine fold!! What more do you people want? I like the privacy they maintain. Some things should be kept sacred.

  • Nik

    Has Oprah ever shared the magazine cover with anyone? I thought that the tradition of the magazine was that she only showed herself. I remember reading that somewhere. If that’s the case, I thought they were just keeping with “tradition”…