President Obama campaign film

President Obama’s reelection team is gearing up for a fight. Along with hitting several fundraisers and raising millions of dollars from supporters over the past few weeks, the Obama campaign is going viral.

Recently, the President’s team produced a 17-minute documentary directed by acclaimed Waiting for Superman director Davis Guggenheim and narrated by Tom Hanks which highlights the President’s achievements of the past three years.

Today, the team released a two-minute trailer, titled “The Road We’ve Traveled,” which discusses the many challenges the President faced over the past few years and how he’s had to make tough decisions to solve them.

The full video will be released March 15, and the Obama reelection team is encouraging supporters to register to for a chance to watch the premiere at campaign offices across the country.

Are you heading to the polls in 2012? Who will you be supporting? 

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  • Mike

    I will be voting for President Obama. He truly values all Americans. He weighs complex problems properly. Those that are campaigning against him attack him with simplified soundbites. He understands that we do not have a fair tax system. The loop holes in our tax code are for the powerful and the very wealthy. It makes no sense for the wealthiest Americans to pay less as a percentage of income than everyone else, but that is the system we have installed. 3,500 of the top 5,000 corporation pay no federal income tax and 4,500 pay less than 5% federal income taxes. Forget the marginal rates. They really don’t matter.for most Americans. Whether it be taxes, education, defense, poverty issues, social concerns, of just plain fairness, he is the leader for all of us. The other candidates will placate to the masses and treat us ignorant subjects that can be easily led. They think we can’t think for ourselves. We can and we can see through those that only attack with no real plans but to continue to cut taxes and increase the deficits. They make no sense. President Obama is trying and continues to work for all Americans

  • Viet Vet

    I’m well within the top 10% of income, but right now I will not vote for ANY GOP candidate. I will be 65 soon, and have NEVER seen such unpatriotic partisanship – they have done all they could to hamper the recovery hoping it will hurt Obama’s chances. The top 1% and corporations are doing fine, but the economy is still struggling, and the GOP could care less. Add in their chicken-hawk desire to attack Iran, their dumping on women, and bringing religion into government and they have zero that I support.