Justice can take a long time but it’s important to remember, especially during times like these, that some form of it can and does come.

The four officers involved in the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell were finally fully disciplined by the New York Police Department. Detective Gescard Isnora, the first officer to fire in the fifty bullet shooting spree that took the life of Bell and injured two of his friends, has been fired and will not receive a pension or any of his retirement benefits. Michel Oliver, Marc Cooper and Gary Napoli, the three other officers on the scene, will each resign and have cut deals that will allow them to keep portions of their benefits.

Bell was standing outside of a Queens, New York strip club with two of his friends on the night before his wedding. The men got into an argument and a nearby undercover cop believed that one of the men was reaching for a gun. This began a chain of events that resulted in a one-sided shooting spree that senselessly took Sean Bell’s life.

Bell’s family settled a civil suit against the NYPD in 2008 and recieved a $7.15 million settlement. William Bell, Sean’s father, finds very little pleasure in the final outcome of his son’s case. He told the New York Daily News that “it really don’t matter … they still have lives. Pension or no pension, they’re still walking around, they’ll get another job. My son doesn’t have a chance to start over again.”

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