From Frugivore — Are you fed up with the educational system in America? One doesn’t have to look far to find instances of dysfunction in one’s local school system. This is why more African-American families are taking the chance that they will do a better job at educating their children by implementing home schooling at their respective residents, this according to BBC story published over the weekend.

Parents concern over the violence in schools was highlighted as major deterrent for their child’s public school attendance, especially with statistics that show the lingering negative effects of bullying within minority-dominated school systems.

According to a study published on Huffington Post, black students saw a 0.3-point decrease in 12th grade GPA from a 3.5 GPA in 9th grade — before they were bullied. Interestingly, most of the parents polled in the BBC story felt they would integrate their children back into the public school system during their children’s secondary education years.

This story also suggested that the school system privileged African-American girls over boys, with classroom settings and curriculum that was more conducive to young girls. With the dropout rates in fifteen states at or above 50% for black males, there might be something to this suggestion.

As of now, The Obama Administration’s solution to the drop-out rate is for-profit public charter schools. Figuring that teachers and administrators will have more incentives to facilitate the sharing of knowledge with students in reduced stress environments have worked in some cities but have failed in most.

Building a first class facility in a undervalued neighborhood produces the same effects as the erection of glossy churches or state-of-the-art stadiums in the “hood” — it gives pride for the few invested in the entity but creates more acrimoniousness towards the residents, as walking out of these sanctuaries can create disdain for a neighborhood that looks like it’s not getting any healthier.

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  • golden_girl

    Like being a [email protected] mom…homeschooling is no walk in the park. I have so much respect for teachers. Good and Bad. The average person has no idea how much thought it takes to enlighten and spark a childs interest.

    The World Health Organiation reported that modern medicine can not compete with the amount of antibiotics pumped n2 our food. School administrators are totally clueless when it comes to children’s health and most don’t give a second thought about what kids are eating. That said…it is in the interest of the child to be under the care of a parent who is homeschooling to prepare low sodium, sugar free, natural and meat free meals free of hormones and antibiotics. If you rely on corporate america to feed your kid through school lunches……shame on you. Only a parent can make the mind, body and soul connection. A connection needed to be survive in this world.

  • mamareese

    I say no to home schooling because of this: The schools should have a level of discipline in place to deal with the rowdy kids. Not this watered down I’ll call your mama mess. Also for allot of parents it’s an issue of culture and what they believe in their home. General education is great but what if schools provided a more robust curriculum? I’m mainly referring to high school and Jr high. Like how college, offers those cultural studies, world studies, histories, theories….offer them to. Schools are FILLED with all types of cultures and belief nowadays why not groom our kids in advance so college and adult life is not so much of a culture shock. Parents would be more likely to keep their kids in school…which could stimulate the need for more and better teachers….and maybe higher pay for those teachers. More funding towards school, in turn there will be healthier choices made on lunch menus safer classes etc. It’s a win win. And if your home doesn’t believe in certain things then don’t take the class. Like life you can’t keep it from happening you can remove yourself from the equation. I’d be all in for this type of learning experience in every school.

  • As a senior citizen and tutor for home school an public school children, I have seen what has happened to our kids. We once had the best education in the world. That was when the control was in the hands of teachers and parents (those who care the most). The more the government gets involved with their mandates, and one size fits all approaches, the more it fails our kids.