Chuck E. Cheese was such a madhouse when I was a kid that as fun as it was I hated going there and have still never returned, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for an adult trying to keep track of little three-feet tall maniacs having the time of their lives. Still, I’m going to have to call a parenting fail on Maryland co-parents who didn’t realize they’d left their kid in the play center until her picture showed up on the news.

Parents of a 3-year-old girl had some explaining to do after they forgot their daughter at a Chuck E Cheese and did not realize it until they saw her picture on the evening news.

The girl, named Harmony, was left behind at the theme restaurant in Bel Air, Md., after she attended a large party with her parents. According to a report from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office,  both of Harmony’s parents, who share custody, assumed the girl had gone home with other relatives.

A restaurant manager alerted sheriff’s deputies around 8 p.m. that the girl had been left alone  after Harmony approached a staff member to say  she was thirsty.

Unable to locate the 3-year-old girl’s parents, the deputies asked local news media to put Harmony’s picture on the evening news.

Once the broadcast aired, both of Harmony’s parents called in and she was released to her mother through Child Protective Services. It’s clear that no one meant any harm but it troubles me that these parents seem so loosey goosey with their co-parenting skills —  it’s always necessary to ask yourself the question “do you know where your children are?” and especially for a three-year-old have a clear answer.

Read more at MSNBC.

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  • CaramelBeauty

    I can see forgetting your keys, forgetting a jacket, but how in the world do you forget a three year-old?!?!?!?!?! You mean they were not responsible enough to actually put her in the car with the relative and kiss her goodbye? What they just left? WOW!!!!!!!

  • full moon

    I was there last weekend for my nephews bday party…but there were only 3 kids to look after. Now we didn’t let the lil one’s out of our sight…there was way too much going on…crowed as hell. But I seen soo many kids wandering around alone. One in particular, she was like 2, and she was walking around alone like she knew where was going…no parent in sight. I mean I seen her go by the table like 6 times alone. I was perturbed. I kept my daughter neice and nephew close…period. Its too easy for a child to get snached or anything.
    This is defin a Parenting Fail. Get it together Mom and Dad.