Everyone knows politics is a dirty business. With folks on both sides of the aisle arguing about social issues, the budget, and how we move forward as a country, those of us on the outside often feel like our publicly elected officials don’t always speak for us.

But how can we change this?

Studying and being informed about the Trayvon Martin case has not only outraged me (and propelled me to action), but it’s also reminded me of the importance of being involved in the political process.

The law George Zimmerman is resting his defense on is Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” statue, which was passed by a Republican-controlled Florida legislature in 2005, and gives residents the right to “meet force with force.” And if the laws being proposed and passed across the country that would set women’s rights back decades are any indication, we can no longer remain on the sidelines.

While I’m not sure I’d ever run for political office, I will become more active in the local and national political process.

How about you?

Would you ever run for office? How are you participating in our political process? 

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