Paula Patton

Whenever Paula Patton steps on the red carpet, she looks like she’s never had a blemish a day in her life. The actress’s skin is always flawless and understatedly gorgeous and she’s finally revealed how she perfects the glowing natural look we love so much.

While she credits Macro Greens food supplements, clay masks, and good old-fashioned water for her flawless skin, sculpting is what really does the trick makeup wise.

“Sometimes you get scared because you don’t want to look crazy, but if you take a foundation or bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin tone, and just suck your cheeks in while contouring, it makes a big difference, she told the Stylist. “I also like to take a matte powder and press it into my hairline so I don’t get that mask look. And whenever I’m wearing a part in my hair, I just dab a bit of product in to make it look more natural.”

That’s a pretty cool beauty tip. The actress shared another quick fix for making sure your makeup always looks its best: clean brushes.

“Ashunta [Sheriff] taught me that when you first open your mascara it’s great, but a few weeks later it feels thick and heavy. If you just wash the wand with a little warm water and put it back in, it’s like brand new. Also, I always used my hands before when applying makeup. However, she also taught me that fresh sponges and brushes help with better coverage and cleaner overall look.”

Aside from a little cream-based blush she uses to get that dewy glow and the go-to browns and shimmering pearl eye shadows Paula wears religiously, admitting that she’s scared to try color on her eyelids, there is  one glamorous makeup product the starlet does love—big lashes.

“I love fake eyelashes but I can’t put them on myself,” she said, “but the Lash Fanatic is remarkable. And when I curl my lashes and put a bit of that mascara on, it just makes me look so much more awake then when I started.”

Are you a fan of Paula’s natural makeup style?

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