Since the beginning of time we’ve heard about the life altering, war-starting, man-taming Power of the P**sy.  Some of us have gotten the expensive trinkets, breakfast in bed and the fancy trips all because of our ability to whip a man into a frenzy,  but unfortunately, this isn’t a self praising moment.  Instead, think back to a time when you or your cohorts were all strung out over the penis.  Yep, I said it ― the “Power of the Penis” , a.k.a “dick whipped,” a.k.a “sprung.”  Don’t worry, if you’re too embarrassed to admit it to yourself…I’ll confess on your behalf.

As a young woman with many ‘male’ mistakes, I remember my first penis hypnosis.  It’s irrelevant whether he was worth an ounce of my time, love, or body (turns out he wasn’t), but dude could ‘lay pipe’ and at that moment in life, I’d snatch a few weaves, spare a few dollars, and sweat a fresh perm out just for a quickie.  Heck, I’ve even gone as far as sponsoring a Vegas trip (go ahead, give me the side-eye). But, this isn’t about my terrible decisions.  It’s about young women, like myself, who are and have been so badly caught up even a come to Jesus meeting can’t shake them straight.

Like Jill Scott so eloquently sang about in “So Gone,” I’ve dickmatized a time or two, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

How does a seemingly smart girl end up in such a bad situation? Let’s explore a few of the situations shall we?

Situation 1

You guys have called it quits but remain booty buddies.  He tells you no more late night creeps, cheap dates or event stand-ins.  He has a new chick in his life and well, cue the river flow of tears and heartbreak, you start to spiral out of control and beg him to make things work between the two of you.  You’re in hopelessly in love, it’s obvious he’s not. Score on for the dick.

Situation 2

You’re a gal with her head on straight, working hard.  He’s unemployed and lives at home with his mother. (We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt the economy is bad).  But, this brother refuses to get any type of hustle going.  You pay for all the dates, you always have to drive and the late night creep sessions always happen on your turf.  Let’s not forget you have to “spot” him on gas money.  This is that Jody and Yvette drama, but you just can’t seem to shake it. The D wins again.

Situation 3

You want a relationship. He doesn’t.  Yet, you convince yourself that you don’t want one either just to stay in his good graces.   You continue to play his game, never confessing how badly you want the two of you to be an item.  Instead, you settle for a nameless title in his life and continue to be the “friend with benefits.” You guessed it, you lose.

What do all these situations have in common?  You are allowing an individual to control your mind all because of his penis game. But whatever the case may be, there’s never a good reason to trip all out over a brother who can ‘lay the pipe’ but lacks what you really need—respect, stability, concern, a true emotional connection. You know, the basics.  Thankfully, I came to the realization that my former booty buddy wasn’t the only gifted pipe layer or well ‘packaged’ man.  At that moment, I snapped out the trance ― and considering myself a sexually confident woman today—no man’s penis game can have me acting out of character every again.  Why?

  1. I’ve dealt with the consequences of being labeled the “crazy girl”
  2. I’ve suffered at the hands of a penis hypnosis’ victim
  3. It’s just not worth my sanity

 Have you ever been hypnotized by ‘The Power of the P’?  How did you break your trance?  

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