Amid the swirl of rumors that she’s at least semi-reunited with her ex Chris Brown, a photographer reported to TMZ that he spotted the singer arrive with her security team at Ashton Kutcher’s house around midnight on Wednesday evening and depart around 4 AM. Put two and two together and you get that Rihanna was spending prime booty call hours with Ashton. Does that sound probably?

Well, the original report made to TMZ has already been pulled for an unknown reason, but that hasn’t prevented folks from rationalizing the likelihood of a tryst between the two a-listers. Ashton Kutcher just split with Demi Moore after a cheating scandal and one would imagine that if anyone had to spend the night alone it wouldn’t be Rihanna.

On the other hand, “booty call hours” are usually called that because most people have regular jobs and have to go to work in the morning — who knows what responsibilities these two are facing first thing on Thursday (I would guess very few), so hanging out during the witching hour might mean absolutely nothing. In addition, Kutcher is hoping to sell his $10 million dollar home and has already had visists to view the mansion from Justin Bieber, so perhaps Rihanna was just taking a little tour?

Do you believe that something is going on between Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher?


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