Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti announced she was putting down her angel wings and leaving the company for a myriad of reasons, but one emphatically stood out to me. In an interview with Good Morning America, Bisutti said she was stepping down to reserve her body for her husband. Biscutti’s decision to cover up her body post-nuptials is more common than you may think. Many women choose to tone down provocative or even suggestive dressing when they get married, especially if kids become involved. Sometimes, their reasoning is for decorum (“wives should dress a certain way”) or at their husband’s request.

As women, should we all change the way we dress when we get married? For some women, fashion is about self -expression and as such, they shouldn’t lose dominion over their own personal style because of their walk to the altar. Changing the way they dress is seen as changing who they are. Furthermore, a husband should respect the wife’s decision to dress how she wants. That’s what he was attracted to in the first place, right?

Not every woman would agree. Some women believe that dressing modest is a part of respecting the boundaries of marriage. To them, clothes send a provocative message appropriate for single women but not for wives. And if the husband is vocal about his preference for how a wife should dress, then a change should be made. Clothes aren’t worth causing a rift in the marriage to them.

What’s your opinion, Clutchettes? Is there a certain way married women should dress? Should women change to a more demure style of dress once they’ve said their vows?

-Jamiese Price

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  • Avery_Alesia

    I think that most men wouldn’t need their woman to change her style post-marriage only because he was obviously fine with the way that she dressed when he got with her initially.

    I do believe that women who dress modestly should not have to change how they dress
    because they’re married, however they should take into account what their spouse is/is not comfortable with.

    For example, If a husband told his wife that he’s not really comfortable with the length of her dress or the sheerness of her blouse, then I believe she should take his beliefs into account.

    As a wife, you are expected to respect your spouse and the boundaries they’ve set (and vice versa), but a woman shouldn’t alter her dressing completely, I think it’s reasonable for her to at least make minor changes upon his request to make him feel comfortable.

  • Diddy

    I don’t think much has to change really cuz he fell in love with you even with your wacky dress sense or whatever. I think changing how you dress just cuz your married implies that just cuz you gotta ring on your finger you’re a different person when you shouldn’t really be. Fair enough if your dress sense was more provocative before cuz i do think that’s disrespectful to your spouse letting all your bits hang out for all to see but in reality i think if anything in the marital home less is always more haha keep that spark alive! Being married doesn’t have to turn you into modest conservative zombies unless that’s how you were in the first place then fair enough. All in all i don’t think much should change just cuz you’re married, you’re after all the same couple technically nothings really changed

  • jerseyvixen

    biggest mistake ever, your man married the “single” you!