From Glamazons Blog: Franca Sozzani‘s Vogue Italia often explores black culture from the Vogue Italia black issue to their salute to Black Beauty. It’s rare that those pieces are not met with criticism and even outrage. Recently, their Haute Mess editorial was sandblasted for being ‘racist’ and the website also came under fire for referring to hoops as Slave Earrings. Their latest offense comes in a troubling article on “Rapper Style” which they name the “Trend of the Day.”

Written by Selene Oliva, the article starts out by saying that rapper style emerged in the 90s with Michael Jordan’s Nike commercial:

Rapper style is making a comeback next season; it was launched in the 90s with basketball champion Michael Jordan appearing in commercials for Nike. Since then rappers have invaded the world with their hits proposing not only their sound but also their style.

Wait, what? Is Mike a rapper now? I must have missed that album. They go on to say “pants should never be tight-fitting, see those sported by Jay-Z.”


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  • omfg

    and these are the people we are begging to put us in the magazines?

    we are waiting for an africa issue from them?

    seriously folks. i don’t even read fashion magazines. they are so stupid.

  • Maybe it started in the ’90s in her era, but it actually started in the’70s. VOGUE Italia does it’s best to stay current and fashion forward. I really don’t think that Bethann has no say into what is posted on their websites because they really don’t have a clue about African or African American culture. However, I must give them some credit for featuring women who aren’t highlighted in our own publications when they aren’t as popular as the current crop of celebrities.

  • B

    they are referring to mainstream fashion, and for that I have to agree. It was the commericalization of the entire rapper/sport/urban style.

  • Mina

    Can they just all die please? The world would be so much better without dumbasses stealing from other cultures and making negative stereotypes.