Recently, a disturbing video surfaced of L.A. rapper The Game on stage in Adelaide, Australia.

During the video, a young female fan on stage gets repeatedly groped by men in the rapper’s entourage while he yells to the girl to, “show off your titties.”

When the woman is unwilling to flash the crowd, one man grabs the woman’s breasts, and another tries to pull off her top. The woman is able to keep her clothes on and when it becomes apparents she won’t get naked, she’s pushed off stage while The Game tells her, “You shouldn’t have brought your ass on stage.”

When women’s groups in Australia called The Game out for his entourage’s behavior, his response was to go on a Twitter rant.

His flippant response to a very real case of sexual assault is disheartening and continues to reinforce the notion that victims “should have known better” than to get assaulted in the first place. While some, like celeb blogger Nicole Bitchie, have condemned The Game’s behavior as “disgusting,” many others have doubled down on the victim blaming.

While it may have been easy for artists to get away with despicable behavior in the past, one thing is clear: the availability of cell phone cams and social media networks makes it nearly impossible for these deplorable acts to go by unnoticed.

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  • kissa

    There is a petition up on against the game and crew..I’m very appalled and disgusted..Men like him deserves no spot light in my book..

  • The only reason that this made world news was because the men were Black and the girl was White. This shit happens to Black girls around the nation every day of the week by non-famous black men, and no one says a word. But you let a white woman get felt up, and people want to start a petition!

    That is the reason why most women are into the victim blaming. That is what happens to them, and they see no reason that she should be treated like her breasts and body are more valuable than any young Black female.

    • LAD86


    • Not surprised

      Always leads back to race doesn’t it? What a fucking joke…

  • dvine0722
  • Pure evil!

  • JRM

    TSk TSK, what can i say, you hang around with dogs, you get bitten by fleas!!! I am in no way saying she was to blame, but as a self respecting woman, I would never take God out of my thoughts to disgrace the stage with these looooooosers. Many of these rappers are nothing more than wayside trash, who have a record deal and 15 minutes. Nuff said