A woman’s hair is her prized possession and when a stylist doesn’t do their job to make it look like a masterpiece, we sometimes have to seek other help. For years, stylists have been in competition with one another for not only clients but for creating the best work on a woman’s head.

Neffe Pugh, Keyshia Cole’s sister, recently went to get her hair done at salon in Atlanta and left looking worse than she had came in. Unhappy with the work that she received, she head over to Derek J’s “The J Spot” salon for him to save her hair. She walked into his salon with such a mess that Derek had to call the original salon and ask the stylist what he exactly did to it. It seems that his simple question was taken out of context and the stylist showed up at his salon and started …wait for it…shooting.

It’s beyond ridiculous that a stylist would even go to this extreme measure of violence. Check out the interview an Atlanta news station did with Derek J after the incident occurred. When will people learn that shooting never solves anything, especially when it’s something as minuscule as hair.



-Krystal Holmes

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