83304743Just because we’re all grown up doesn’t mean that we no longer face significant issues with our parents. Often times, getting older means we typically have a certain level of autonomy and physical distance from them, but as an adult child, old habits always manage to persist.

One of the biggest complaints adult children have is that our mother, father or both lack the understanding of what it means to be parents of adults. Be it force of habit or sheer comfort, the ones who cared for us from an early age tend to treat us as if we are clueless teenagers, incapable of making the “right” choices in life.

There are also those child-parent relationships that are flawed from the jump. This can be due to drug, mental or physical abuse, neglect, or a general flaw that may have simply drained the health out of the relationship.

Between these extremes lie many factors that can contribute to unpleasant adult-child/parent dynamics. If you can relate, dig the following tips that may help you mend fences with your own folks (or at least come to terms with the dysfunctionality of it all):

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