Sponsored By Toyota — When most people think of a road trip they think of a disaster waiting to happen. From traffic and high gas prices to being stuck in a car with a group of people for hours with seemingly no freedom in sight, road trips are not many people’s idea of fun. As someone who regularly road trips with a group of women I definitely feel your pain. It can be a hassle trying to deal with all of the different moods, needs, wants and personalities. One bad experience with a girls only road trip can scar you for life! It’s definitely a challenge, but trust me, it’s not impossible. Before you turn your next road trip into a solo one, consider these three tips and turn your next ladies getaway from scary to spectacular.

Be Selective
I know it seems cruel to even think about traveling without one of your close friends, but not every friend is a travel friend. Just because your girl is cool to hang with at home, doesn’t mean she’s the perfect partner for a 10 hour road trip. In fact, she might be your worst nightmare. Make sure you pick friends with easy going laid back personalities that will not only mesh with yours during the course of the trip, but with your other guests as well. Choose wisely and your sanity will thank you later.

Pick The Right Whip
Just like you take your time to pick the right shoes for a long night of dancing, you need to make sure you pick the right car for a long road trip. For example, the Toyota Sienna seats around 8 people comfy with room to spare and with three zone air conditioning, MP3 playback and a navigation system for those wrong turns, you can rest assured your road trip will be as smooth as your ride.

Remember To Have Fun
Being around each other 24/7 would wear on anyone’s nerves. But instead of focusing on how much longer until you reach your destination or how long before you can escape your friends, remember to enjoy sights! Stop at random diners, take pictures of funny signs and just enjoy this time away from the stresses at home. The memories you make will make for great laughs later.

Have you ever gone a road trip with your girls?

Girl’s Night Out, Sponsored By Toyota:
Who runs the world? Girls! But, in order to make sure you and your crew are turning heads, you’re going to need a playlist that captures the way you feel. So the next time the girls all get together, make sure you press play on this selection of quality party music.

“Where My Girls At,” by 702
“Milkshake,” by Kelis
“Not Tonight,” by Lil’ Kim
“Get The Party Started,” by Pink
“Get Me Bodied,” by Beyonce

Clutchettes – what songs are on your Girl’s Night Out playlist!?

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