A car is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. As a woman making the purchase can be made tough by caveman like salesmen who underestimate the intelligence of us Clutchettes and look to take advantage. But women shouldn’t let ego and aggressive tactics pressure us into making the wrong decision. Here are four helpful tips to get you the car of your dreams at a price you love, and will make the buying experience one that you are satisfied with.

Do Your Research & Know What You Need
Research and locate women-friendly dealerships before you shop for a car. In addition to reviews written by other women rating a dealership’s women-friendly score, the sites can help you navigate through must-have gadgets to the newest green vehicles as well as safety features. Make sure the dealer knows you are a savvy, knowledgeable consumer. Also, don’t get too distracted by the extras. Sure it’s nice to have heated leather seats, backup cameras or even the cool Entune feature of the Toyota Camry, but getting extras in a car can be very different from getting extras at Sephora. If the dealer tells you that he is “throwing in” heated seats or rust-proofing, take a closer look to be clear just who is paying for that.

Get Pre-Approved
Walk into the dealership with your own financing approved and ready to go. Before heading to the dealership go to your bank, credit union or online lender and get pre-approved for an auto loan. Then, when you speak to the financing manager at the dealership, pull out your piece of paper and ask them, “How can your F & I team beat this?” Let them know you are there to do business!

Be Cool
Don’t have the same “Must have this now” attitude with the salesperson that you do when you are buying a new pair of shoes. Approach the salesperson in a more casual, “just browsing” way and take your time.

Negotiate After Incentives
Dealers will tell you that they will give you $1,500 cash back if you buy a car. Now, would anyone willingly give you free money…hell no! What this really shows you is that the car is probably marked up. Negotiate the price with the dealer without incentives, then, only after you have the real price, ask, “What else can you do for me?”

What are your car buying tips?

Empowerment, Sponsored By Toyota:
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Clutchettes – what songs are on your Empowerment playlist!?

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