Kickstarter is such a novel idea and many artists are catching onto it. If you are not familiar with the website it is a fundraising mechanism for independent artist to raise money for projects. The kicker is, that regular folk–just like you and me–can join in and donate money to see these projects materialized. What’s more, donators are usually given really cool prizes and other paraphernalia from the artists if they donate.

Because many independent artists do not get to see the light of day due to the political correctness, or otherwise, non run of the mill content they deliver, Kickstarter is the perfect avenue to get the word out about art and causes that would otherwise gone unfunded.

Here are a 3 Kickstarter projects that are worth contributing to:

Nomad*Ness Travel Tribe: Evita Robinson founder of Nomadnesstv.com created a travel series that stemmed from her international travels, and the desire to bring the world to an often underrepresented demographic of travelers. Her travel series quickly turned into a movement of over 1500, mostly people of color who have found kinship in their wanderlust. With membership over 1000, who have lived and traveled on 6 out of the 7 continents, and with dozens international meet-ups that have taken place among members, Ms. Robinson is now seeking to take her movement to another level by funding the ‘Utlimate International Meet-up Episode’ slated to take place on September 29th, the 1 year anniversary of the Tribe. Learn more here.

American Promise: ‘American Promise’ is a documentary 12 years in the making about the very real issues faced by Black boys in the American educational system who are statistically more likely to go to jail than college. The documentary follows the lives of two Black boys who are best friends and attend two very different schools. One public, and the other of Ivy League ilk. The film follows the students inside their classroom, household, school board meetings, and social events and traces the trajectory of their lives, and the subsequent paths they embarked upon after graduating. Check it out here.


Mother/Mutha: ‘Mother/Mutha’ is a dance piece by the T Lang Dance Company that is seeking funding. The performance seeks to bring to light and showcase through dance, the blights of American history and the shame, degradation, and subsequent survival of Black women who were forced to breed children who would ultimately be enslaved. Donate here.

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