Last week, the cast of upcoming film Think Like A Man (TLAM) met with the media to discuss the film, their roles, and why folks across the diversity spectrum should see the film.

Last Thursday I was privy to a media screening of TLAM, due out April 20, and was pleasantly surprised by the film. Although it’s a bit predicable in the typical RomCom sense–and I didn’t understand why the filmmaker choose to shout out Tyler Perry so much (and I found Steve Harvey’s cameos somewhat annoying)–the film was definitely funny (and fun), and many in the theater were laughing hysterically.

While I went in preparing to hate Think Like A Man (hey…I’m just being honest), I actually enjoyed it. And it was definitely nice to see a diverse cast full of upwardly mobile black people on the screen again.

Recently, some of the cast members got together to share their thoughts on the film and discuss what–if anything–they learned from the book.

During the interviews the cast makes even spoke on the death of Trayvon Martin.

Think Like a Man hits theaters April 20, are you going to see the film?

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  • Alexandra

    They all look great.

    I agree with Megan; everyone should continue to be vocal about it. If you give attention to all crimes against Blacks, there would be no room for cover-up.

  • WOW

    Why does Michael Ealy seem like a douchebag creep in that video?

    Am I the only one that was instantly turned off by him? He seemed like a womanizing creep huggging up all those women. Megan Goode was definitely uncomfortable. Awkward. And he didn’t have anything to say about the matter that was brought up?

    I propably should’nt judge him on that one video. But that just looked terrible ugh.

  • Nigerian sista

    Lol!! Are you kidding me? That is awkward.