Coco Forecast: 5 Hair Trends We Predict for Summer — Despite Mother Nature’s moody behavior as of late, there’s no denying that summertime is right around the corner! Inevitably, the warm weather we missed so much will evoke the need for change in our looks from head to toe. It all starts with the hair. Summer styles are usually a mixture of both fun and function – we brighten up our looks to match the gorgeous sunny days, but also think of creative means to fight humidity and sweat (ugh!). Oftentimes, hair is pulled away from the face to bring attention to the golden glows that hours of laying out earned us. But then again, sometimes we just wanna let it all hang out! (Continue Reading…)

Hoodies And Short Skirts: The Victim Blame Game — We know the story. On February 26th, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, a self- appointed neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, FL. An unarmed Martin was walking home from the store when Zimmerman began pursuit on the inkling of him looking “suspicious,” and the subsequent ordeal ended in Martin’s murder. And five days ago, talk show host Geraldo Rivera spoke to Fox News and blamed Martin’s hoodie for his death: “It is common sense for minorities to avoid wearing hoodies…the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as Zimmerman was.” (Continue Reading…)

Is Ombre Hair For Everyone?
When it comes to the latest trend in hair coloring, there are the Keke Palmers of the world who’s gorgeous ombre locks make your jaws drop, and then there are the Rihanna’s and the Ciara’s who’s ombre tresses still make your mouth gape, just for the opposite reason. The only hard and fast rule of ombre hair is that the roots and crown of your head are a darker, more natural tone that gradually blends into a lighter hue. You can play with shades of red, brown, and blonde in all variations, but just because there’s a grown out/unkept element to the look of this trend doesn’t mean there still isn’t a right way to do it and a wrong way. (Continue Reading…)

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