Frugivore Loves: Get Fit With Nic! — Thinking about starting a new regimen, but you just can’t seem to make it to the gym? Well we’ve run across someone that might be able to give you that extra boost you need…from home! Frugivore has stumbled across the phenomenal fitness blog Get Fit With Nic. Nic B is a personal trainer out of Los Angeles who is an avid promoter of living a healthy lifestyle. (Continue Reading…)

Say What? Alicia Silverstone Feeds Son By Spitting Into His Mouth – Back in the 90s Alicia Silverstone played a bird brained socialite named Cher in the hit movie Clueless. These days, the mother of 10-month-old Bear Blu (yes that’s his real name) plays a different kind of bird. Seems that the actress has picked up a mothering tip or two from nature’s winged creatures, she enjoys feeding her son by spitting food into his mouth. Don’t believe us? Check out the video Alicia posted to her personal youtube page over the weekend. (Continue Reading…)

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