On an ordinary day, four men in business suits sat down at the bar in the Vue de Monde restaurant on the 55th floor of the Rialto Towers in Melbourne Australia. After a few drinks, the men went to the bathroom, made a quick change, headed out to the balcony, climbed a plastic barrier, and parachuted the 55 floors down to a grassy patch below. No tab, no problem. Watch a news report on the incident, including a very perturbed police chief.

I’ll come clean: there was this one time in high school when a few of us went to Pizza Hut and the service was SO horrible that we ran out of the crowded restaurant without paying the bill. My conscience still hasn’t recovered from that indiscretion and you certainly won’t catch me jumping off of any buildings, but the idea of a bunch of dudes saying “let’s go to the bar, drink ourselves silly, and then jump out of the window before the bill comes,” makes me so happy. In fact, I hope they said “see ya!” with a wave before they did it.

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